Music At Panza Verde

Mayan Ceremony

In this current fast paced traditional world, people are looking to add a deeper meaning to their lives and personal relationships, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. The Mayan wedding ceremonies are filled with love and a deep-rooted respect for life, it is considered a link to the cosmos, led by an authentic Mayan Shaman, a traditional healer..
A unique experience of reuniting with nature and each other is a very passionate and spiritual. Mayan weddings are deeply moving ceremonies that remind us of an age-old universal force and sacred metaphors that people can still connect with today.

The beautiful setting of Panza Verde offer you the perfect landscape to create the magic atmosphere for a Mayan Ritual...

This event of a lifetime will remain in your heart and your mind forever. The ancient Mayan ritual that will start with the cleaning of the ceremony area, thanks to the Copal Tree (Mayan incense) and the sound of the caracole (big horn-shell). The Shaman, will bless your union in front of the four elements and will ask for the energy of the universe to be present and be given to couple a bond of energy and everlasting love.

No documents are required.
The ceremony is performed in Spanish (English translation available).
Approximate duration 45 minutes.