Yoga Instructors


Kendra McLaughlin

yoga instructor kendra

Hatha Yoga.
Kendra McLaughlin, a Registered Yoga Alliance 200 hours, has been practicing yoga all her life, starting from a very young age with her mother. At the age of 17 she did her yoga teacher training course in Sedona Arizona, studying Hatha Yoga with a base of Kundalini breath work. She then proceeded to teach yoga classes at her boarding school in Arizona as a physical education class for her peers. After high school she spent a year in India where she became a yoga student again under multiple teachers in Rishikesh, Kerala, and Goa.

After a year in India she went on to found a yoga program at her university in Canada, where she taught throughout her university career. She spent most of her child hood here in Guatemala, and now intends to keep learning and keep sharing here in Antigua Guatemala.

Heidi Kusters

yoga instructor heidi

Vinyasa Yoga.
Heidi loves sharing the calmness & connection through yoga.  Originally from Holland, she started travelling around the world at the young age of 18 and in 2004, settled in Antigua, Guatemala where she tried her first yoga class.  Yoga gave her not only a stronger & more flexible body - also a calmer mind & more importantly, a greater connection with herself, others and life.   She is grateful to be able to share this through Yogantigua, since may 2012 ... where she combines flowing poses with holding poses & invites yoginis to be fully aware to the moment, managing the mind & flowing into a timeless movement.  Heidi is also a life coach and currently doing a  specialization in mindfulness, one of the many aspects she brings to her classes. She guides people in yoga, and also on their adventure vacations, coaching/counselling and workshops.

She is (amongst other things) inspired by the sea, travelling, people, cultures, vipassana meditation, mindfulness, life and of course YOGA!

She teaches classes in English, Spanish or Dutch.

Nancy Payne

Hatha Yoga.
Nancy S. Payne, Registerd Yoga Alliance 200 hours, studied with the Canadian HQ group Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Bahamas under the direction of Swami Swaroopananda and Swami Brahmanada obtaining the title of Yoga Siromani - Teacher of Yoga. After studying psychology in Toronto Canada, Nancy moved to Australia to continue her studies majoring in physical education via Aerobic Instructor, Weight Room Supervisor, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapy. She has instructed in Australia, Canada, England, Belize and Guatemala. Her lessons concentrate on the Five Points of Yoga for all levels of beginners to advanced: proper exercise (asanas), proper breathing (pranayama), proper relaxation (savasana), proper diet (vegetarian) with positive thinking and meditation (vedanta and dhyana) while intermingling vinyasa flow (movements linked with breath). Yoga is about stilling our fidgeting bodies while calming our moving minds so we rest peacefully in the present moment to clearly see the beauty within. It's truly the "Power of Now" !


Vinyasa Yoga.
Liz has been practicing yoga for 13 years, from her native New Zealand, through Australia, Europe (France), the Caribbean, US (Florida), Galapagos, to Guatemala. She has studied, and been influenced by Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Bikram styles of yoga. Liz trained with Paula Tursi of Reflections Yoga, NYC and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Liz began teaching in Panza Verde in 2008. In addition to teaching community classes, she also teaches specially designed classes for men, children, and teens with an emphasis on anatomical alignment and body/mind connection. She believes that to achieve contentment one must have health (physical need), knowledge (psychological need) and inner calmness (spiritual need). With the presence of these comes harmony and this is the way and purpose of yoga.


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