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Supporting our community is important to us. We have built partnerships with many local NGOs that are working hard to help those in need in Antigua, and Guatemala. We are always happy to offer special pricing on group dinners, as well as work together in creating events to benefit your organization.

Dinner/ Convivios

Every NGO is not the same and budget is always a large factor in deciding where to take your group for your celebratory or welcome dinner/ lunch. Luckily we pride ourselves with staff that cares a lot about the work these NGO's are doing for our country so we work hand in hand to work out a special menu plan that works for everyone. 

Benefit /Fundraisers

We have hosted personally and or worked with multiple NGO's to put on a wonderful benefit dinner or fundraiser. This ranges from a silent auction, powerpoint presentations, cocktail parties, movie screening, live music, concerts, and even fashion shows! We are open for any kind of event you want to make and are looking forward to sharing ideas with you. 

a few NGO's we work with:

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Guatemala Esperanza

  • Namaste

  • Friendship Bridge 

  • Foto Kids

  • Open Windows

  • Animal Aware Shelter

  • Niños con Bendición

  • Camino Seguro

  • Ayuvi

  • De La Gente 

  • Los Patojos 

  • Integral Heart Foundation

  • Faith in Practice

  • Wings

  • Children International

  • Niños de Guatemala


  • Free to Smile

  • Garden of Hope

  • Hope Haven West

  • Stove Team Organization

  • Antigua International School (AIS)

  • Asociación Rescate

  • Hope International

Join the team and contact us to organize the right event for you. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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