Tours in Antigua Guatemala

We can arrange all your tours in town as well as to the surrounding areas and to special sites throughout the country. You let us know what you would like to do in Guatemala and we will arrange it for you.

Walking Tours

There are many walking tours to choose from in Antigua. There are general tours as well as more specialized walks such as those focused on art, history or culture. As the capitol of Central America beginning in the 16th Century, Antigua boasts beautiful Spanish Colonial architecture. Cathedrals, churches, convents, public buildings and exquisite private residences. Visit behind the walls of these historic buildings, look down from the terraces with views to the distant volcanoes and explore the artistic and spiritual heart of one of the most beautiful cities in all the Americas.

Orchids & Macadamia

Located to the south of Antigua, just a short way beyond Ciudad Vieja, a road branches toward San Miguel DueƱas. Here you find a beautiful farm called Entre Volcanoes which cultivates some of the best Guatemalan orchids. A guided tour explains all the different types of orchids, when they flower and what part of Guatemala they come from.

While in this area, you can also visit one of the first macadamia farms whose owner has won international awards for his research and experimentation. You can buy creams and cosmetics made from macadamia oil and delicious macadamia chocolates. On certain days of the week they also offer a delightful macadamia pancake breakfast.

For privately guided tours of Antigua and surrounding areas, we recommend a highly experienced and educated tour guide, Martha Hettich. With over 40 years of research and studies she specializes in Mayan textiles, folk and village life, as well as the history of the conquest and the early colonial period.

To contact Martha: / 502 5792-2459

Horseback Riding

Whether your preference is for European or Western saddle, we have a ride for you. You can choose to take an Equitation Class where you learn the basics according to classical principles. Or, for more experienced riders, ride European saddle up a mountain or to a nearby village or farm.

Mountain Biking

There are literally hundreds of trails in and around Antigua to be explored by mountain bike. You can choose an easy half day of cycling through indigenous towns around the Almolonga Valley, explore a nearby coffee plantation or do something more challenging like riding up the ridges and mountains that surround Antigua.

Coffee Farms

Guatemla is famous for its coffee and this is your opportunity to see, first hand, how coffee is grown from seed all through the many phases of processing up until the point that you have a steaming cup in your hand.

Volcanoes Pacaya & Agua

Would you like to climb an active volcano? Just over an hour from Antigua is the visitor's center at the Pacaya foothills. The guided hike is beautiful. It is a fairly strenuous climb through pine forest to the monument viewpoint and hiking boots are recommended. There are views of the northern volcanoes and the Pacific lowlands all the way to El Salvador. On occasions during your climb you will experience small eruptions and see lava flow.

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