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Proyecto Haciendo Arte in Galeria Panza Verde

Through an array of diverse colors and textures Proyecto Haciendo Arte debuted at Galeria Panza Verde with a selection of sundry art pieces. Mod Cardenas, a renowned graffitist, showcased a geometric painting that in perspective simulates a woman´s body. Lily Acevedo presented a collection of meticulous engineered prints, done through the lost-plate technique. Sergio Valenzuela with his sorrowful yet soulful art depicting beds, chairs and tricycles from different angles. Marines Lacayo Henry hypnotized with her art piece – a collection of endangered species which she uses to transmit her distraught when she thinks of what we are inflicting on the world today. Ana Liska de Nuyens transmitted musical notes with every stroke of paint on her canvas. De Nuyens said ´´I turn on my radio and let the music transmit itself through my brush, that is why most of my paintings are circular´´ (as to mirror musical waves). Last and not least, Luisa de Ayau delighted everyone with her unique, somewhat baroque style. De Ayau with gold and white tones showcases ordinary figures on extraordinary dimensions. Galeria Panza Verde is delighted to host these outstanding Guatemalan artists and give their masterpieces a home for the month of August.

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