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Affordable Extravaganza - The Panza Verde Experience in Outstanding Production of Events.

Affordable Extravaganza - The Panza Verde Experience in Outstanding Production of Events.

Over the last few weeks, Meson Panza Verde and sister properties have proudly produce a couple of fantastic events aiming at showcasing the best kind of experiences that any group and event-planner will receive while partnering with us.

Our first event was for international destination wedding planners during the week of Guatemala Romantica organized by Inguat & IADWP (International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals). During this event, we designed ambiances with romantic decorations and feel. Each space reflected the amount of attention to detail we can deliver while producing these unique experiences, and also showcasing different ideas of how each planner could take the opportunity of partnering with our top experts in the field. Showing intimate romantic dinners, engagement proposals, wedding parties and ceremonies, anniversaries as well as rehearsal celebrations and even 4 N / 5 D of full wedding programs.


Our second event this last Friday 21st of September was focused on inviting all corporate and group event planners and organizers in Guatemala that continuously search for unique and impressive venues and services that can create memorable and successful events for all businesses and group stakeholders. Every ambiance was designed and decorated to showcase spaces where groups, executive dinners, presentations, conferences, business meetings can be held. We presented packages, corporate rates, and incentives along with showing how we can customize each event to give a successful and memorable experience for employees, partners, associates and top clients.

Panza Verde is all about creating value into your event and overall experience. This is achieved by designing, producing & delivering each time a personalized service that is tailored to the needs and expectations of each individual client.






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