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Antigua Guatemala after Acatenango Volcano Eruption.

In the aftermath of Acatenango Volcano eruption in Guatemala.

The town of Antigua fortunately is not effected by the recent volcanic eruption. Though a thin layer of volcanic ash blanketed the town it was quickly cleaned up. However, there are two towns directly located 10 minutes away on the side of the volcano that have been destroyed and many villagers lost their lives.

We hope that this recent eruption doesn’t scare off tourists thinking of coming to Guatemala. All the tourist areas are open, beautiful and safe- Antigua, Lake Atitlan, the Maya altiplano, the jungles and Tikal, Rio Dulce, and the beautiful black sand beaches of the Pacific.

Furthermore, Guatemala needs your help by NOT changing your travel plans due to the eruption, this only causes more economic hardships on the local population.

It’s a lovely time to come to Guatemala with the cool rains and beautiful greenery along with the abundance of bird life. All the hotels and restaurants are open and it is perfectly safe to travel the entire country at your leisure. And if you’re lucky you will get to see old Fuego volcano give you a morning smoke ring from the safety of your hotels roof. Or like in this picture from Union water tank below, that shows the locals continuing with their everyday life routine.

Business are running as usual , but are also a united front in helping in every way they can for the people affected by the eruption.

If you want to see more about the beauty of this land of the eternal Spring, link to this page on Facebook or Instagram of "Perhaps You Need a Little Guatemala". You will fall in love with this destination even before arrival.

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