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The Four Noble Truths & The Four Foundations of Mindfulness Retreat.

As part of the PV-Experiences, the Antigua Dharma Community had the honor and privilege to have Lama Mark Webber for a magical weekend retreat at Palo Santo Boutique Hotel. Most of the community members took part in this unique experience, which gave us the opportunity to have our first full-retreat at our newly build Yoga studio.

Palo-Santo Boutique Hotel is our new property located in Antigua Guatemala with a focus on wellness & spa retreats and an essential part of our PV-Collection.

Follow us for more information on future retreats and special events.

Send us an email at for inquires on how to design and build your own retreat at this fantastic hideaway property. Check out our website for more on this beautiful PV-Hideaway.

For more information on Lama Mark Webber teaching check his website at

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