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Introducing to you the PV-COLLECTION

An outstanding travel experience tailored for the authentic discerning travelers.

Mesón Panza Verde represents the ultimate hospitality experience for Guatemala. In order to maximize in delivering each guest with their ultimate experience we have created a collection of everything that make us unique and leaders in the industry, we have created the PV Collection, an invitation to discover, through varied options, a world away from the ordinary. PV-Collection offers every guest a taste of true authenticity that creates unforgettable life memories.

In a world that is fast becoming little more than a global village, some properties and destinations remain just as they were when created. Unhurried. Uncrowded. Unspoiled. And, most definitely, unique.

The PV-Collection brings together distinguished, elegant properties where you can escape and find just what you might be looking for in a sophisticated, personalized, adventurous and romantic environment. To add value and helping in making sure your stay in Guatemala is also a memorable one outside our properties, we came with the collection of PV-Experiences. Here we will bring you in-house full services that include private transportation, tailor-made tours, events, and everything you require during your time in Guatemala.

Another 3 important elements that are comprised between our collection are our famous culinary art and restaurant at Meson Panza Verde, its exquisite taste in décor and art, and our forward attitude to become as socially and environmental responsible and to lead the rest of the community for improvements in all practices of the operation and services.

In the next blog, we will introduce to you our Collection of Hideaways, where we will describe our three properties and making special mention to our NEW wellness & spa retreat accommodations, the Palo-Santo Boutique Hotel.

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